"Shit yeah negro, that's all you had to say."

Not sure how many people are actually reading this, but downloads are finally fixed. That means that you can browse all the pages properly and download the respective ad removal patches, if you choose to do so.

Thanks for putting up with this for a whole 2 years almost...

(3 replies) | Posted by ipab on the 16th April 2010 at 03:49 AM

This message is mainly for new users that have yet to register on these forums.

Lately, there has been a rediculous influx of spam bots (some of them, for reasons that are completely beyond me, forget to actually link to something). As such, I have decided today that until further notice all registrations will require administrator approval.

As such, any new users can still register the usual way, but their account will not be activated until an administrator approves it.

Sorry for any issues this may cause.

(5 replies) | Posted by .Lou on the 28th March 2010 at 07:49 PM

I took the time to clean out the board today and update so that should hopefully put an end to some of the spam we have been getting lately.

I know I have kind of been really really inactive lately, but there have been numerous reasons as to why things have come to a complete halt around here lately.

I suppose the main reason is the future of Messenger Plus! Live.

I have been a skinner now for nearly 5 years now and have been with the Messenger Plus! Live community for about 3 years. In the more recent months there has been a transition occurring to the new era of Messenger Plus! Live.

At first it looked like that things were still going to be the same, but with recent developments I am starting to have doubts about whether or not I should continue to skin.

For those who don't know, Messenger Plus Live has been transition from ownership from Patchou to a company called Yuna Software. From what I gathered I thought it was just Patchou making his own company so that it would make things more professional and it wouldn't come down to a person being the face of a product. But at the end of the day, Patchou would still be the man in charge.

But in recent weeks that seems to be less and less the case as more and more things start pointing to Patchou not being in full control of Plus! anymore and the decision making being done by several people.

At the moment things aren't really crystal clear so I can't really 100% judge the situation. But there have been recent developments (ones that I choose not to disclose) which have started to make me doubt that I will continue to skin in 2010.

To me, whether or not I continue skinning will ultimately depend on how things proceed with Messenger Plus! and the vast community that has been built over the years.

The ball is in your court guys.


(10 replies) | Posted by willz on the 4th January 2010 at 11:38 PM

Hello everyone.

As some of you may have noticed, the forums were taken offline for an update and a spambot overhaul. We have had a very strong influx of spam bots in the past weeks, from India, and the situation was getting seriously out of hand.

I have personally moved the threads that I found, and banned the appropriate users.

If you find that I have made any mistakes, alert the staff immediately!!!

As well, if you notice any spam bots or posts, I urge you to use the report button! This helps us locate the posts and threads quite a lot faster.

DesignEvolved.net Staff

(2 replies) | Posted by .Lou on the 18th December 2009 at 11:20 PM

Tuesday, September 29, 2009.
3:09PM - GMT+10 Time

As of this time, there have been over 10 million of my skins downloaded from the Messenger Plus database.

Quite a big milestone to reach in just under a year and a half since skins were first introduced to Messenger Plus! Live. I have to say that things have surely come a long way since I first started skinning 3 years ago.

Back then any skin author was lucky to reach the 100,000 mark in collective downloads. 10 Million was such an unimaginable number. But yeah its finally happened and I was actually around to see the ticker clock over to 10 million which was fortunate as well.

I would like to thank everyone who has ever used any of my skins and would especially like to thank those who continually support the work I do and are patient when I go through periods time where I don't make anything (like now).

Now for the special thanks. I think without this group of people here I don't think I would have come as far as I have now:

ipab - We've come a long way since the early days on the Messenger Lab boards where a clueless kid appeared saying "Yep, I'm going to make my own skin and you'll see how awesome it is".

fizical and theunknown - Hey it's you guys that actually got me interested in skinning in the first place. Your skins will always be the best in my mind.

thesteve and theblasphemer - Thanks for constantly saving the skin and customization world from certain doom. Had it not been for you guys I would have left the scene at Messenger 8.0, like so many of the other skinners

stianu89 and blu_eyes - Without competition, there is no innovation. Although we did share ideas and collaborate a few times. Having you guys as competition during the 8.1 era was great. It really pushed my skins to a new level.

The Messenger Plus! community - Yeah you guys are probably one of the most awesome group of people I've ever come to know. Sam gets a special mention simply because he was hosting some of my skins early days.

Menthix - for having the patience to receive all the modifications I make to my skins and running the database and giving me a place to check my stats. ZOMG 10 Million! Tongue

Patchou - The big man himself, thanks for being patient with my constant nagging of features. I'm still waiting for better control of tabbed chats Tongue.

mk - yeah out of all the people i've randomly met as a result of skinning, you're probably the most unique. Zero-G ftw lol (even though I still think Phunk'n is way better)

the designevolved staff and those involved with the site - Lou, shayne etc.

mynetx, mess.be, msgstuff.com, msntribe.it and any other site thats featured me - for featuring my stuff as news and making me look important Tongue

The facebook fans - Wow I actually have fans Tongue Who would have ever thought.

and lastly. You. The users.

10 Million has been great. But its not over, not by a long shot. I'm getting close to finally completing my portfolio website which means I should be able to get back into some more serious skinning. Keep an eye open, because 10 Million is only the beginning.

Here is to the next 10 million.


(8 replies) | Posted by willz on the 29th September 2009 at 05:55 AM

So its been about 2 months since I have shown any signs of actually working on any new stuff. While I am still not ready to come back into skinning full steam, that doesn't mean that there won't be any releases until then.

Sometime last week whilst waiting for some feedback on some client work I began toying with a few new ideas which I had had in mind for a while now, but hadn't ever bother to experiment with because of time constraints.

So I started toying around and found that the stuff I thought wouldn't work actually did (of course with a LOT of trial and error). So I started playing around with a new layout based on this code base. At the time I wasn't entirely sure if what I was playing with would shape itself to be a skin simply because I wasn't sure if everything else would fall into play properly.

In its current stage, its highly unusable but I think I should be able to bring it into a usable skin with a bit of effort. So is this an announcement for a new skin? Yes and no.

The project for now is known as Codename Komodo. I haven't given it a name yet since its not structured. Whether or not it will be released will depend on how well it works, but either way Komodo will form that basis of another skin design I had in mind a while ago.

ETA? There is none, don't bother asking Tongue

I can't stress that point enough. Keep in mind I am still pretty busy at the moment with building my flash portfolio and some client work so skinning is at the bottom of my to-do list.

On a side note:

Apparently Messenger 8.1 and 8.5 will be slowly phased out this month and people will be forced to upgrade to Messenger 2009 (or whatever you want to call it).

Two things on this:

1: Now would be a good time to update, regardless of your opinion about 2009 its something you have to live with now. (for those wondering, no I will not be making a skin that looks like 8.5. Seriously people, stop dwelling on the past Tongue)

2: The 8.5 skins that have not been updated to 2009 yet will NOT be updated to 2009 (excluding Windows Aero Messenger, don't ask about this one yet either Tongue). Some of the movie skins may later be re-invented when sequels come out (i.e Iron Man 2). But asides from that they are now discontinued.

Yeah I think that about covers it. Anyway back to work for me.


(6 replies) | Posted by willz on the 7th September 2009 at 03:09 AM

So a new build of Messenger was recently released and I have already gone ahead and set it up. There appears to be no real changes to anything that could affect skins (at least that I have noticed). So people can safely upgrade to this new build without worrying about their skins breaking. Messenger Plus! also seems to be working perfectly fine on this new build.

And yeah I am not dead Tongue. Just been super busy lately so I'm sorry if I have been acting ghost lately. I've also been hearing rumors about a Messenger 10 being in the works (no solid proof yet though). Seems about the right time for a new beta, since Windows 7 is all done with now.

Anyway if any news emerges about a new Messenger I will post about it and how it could possibly affect skins (given the chance I get to muck around with it of course Tongue)

For now there is nothing new coming skin wise. I have been fully buried in learning Actionscript 3 and building myself a proper portfolio website. I have been putting it off for quite some time now so its something I have to do first before I move on with anything else.

(6 replies) | Posted by willz on the 20th August 2009 at 01:55 AM

Well it has been a bit since I posted something so I figure I would post something just to show that I haven't completely gone off the map. For starters it has been a pretty big first half of 2009. With the majority of skins being major releases it has been a pretty tiring process.

So with that being said I am taking a small break from skinning in order to regroup and work on a few other things other than Messenger skins. I figure its probably the best move to do before I start making anything new or major. It has kind of reached the point where I need to stop looking at skins for a bit to be able to push the envelope further.

Anyway I will post some things from time to time. There is a milestone coming up which I am going to be pretty proud of when it does happen. But more on that later. Just remember that silence doesn't necessarily mean nothing is going on.

(5 replies) | Posted by willz on the 15th July 2009 at 06:20 AM

Gee it's felt like a while since I last posted something here. It has been a pretty chaotic time these past few weeks. With my computer failing twice and my internet connection not being available for half a week, the odds were against me in terms of making new skins for June.

Well I have come today with a new skin for you boys and girls. It may not be something major like Zero-G, but I think it is something that will keep some people happy nonetheless. G.I. Joe is a movie that is coming up which looks to have a bit of promise so I decided to create a dark skin to suit the world of G.I. Joe.

There isn't really much to say here, it contains the usual series of options you have been used to. Also scenes have been disabled due to the fact that scenes really mess with the design and just look fully out of place.

Now for some screenshots:

[Image: GI-CL.png]

[Image: GI-CW.png]


And that is about it for now. I am still trying to catch up on a lot of stuff so I am not sure if there will be another skin release anytime soon. At least a major one anyway. We will see what happens. I got a few things I got to work on and the juggling act is making my arms tired Tongue

(6 replies) | Posted by willz on the 25th June 2009 at 01:57 PM

The day is finally here. After a lot of work, Zero-G 3 is ready to be unleashed onto the world. So what's new in this release?

Zero-G 3 has gone through a pretty lengthy design process. Initially it began with planning on how we could make the skin adapt to Messenger 9 and keep the style that everyone was used to. Unlike version 2, where em3kay did most of the initial graphics this time because of the strong code base I already had I was able to play a larger role in the graphics department. So you can see where the effort of two graphic designers has come into play. You will also notice a few new visual effects that I have come up with which make the experience all the more sexy.

The skin was built in a pretty good manner, we would make something then expand on it constantly. Several parts of the skin had about 4 or 5 revisions before reaching the final product. The skin is divided in 4 styles (like the previous version), however the theme system has been optimized to use less resources than before.

In addition to the usual settings, there are a few RegTweaks you can play with which are found in the skins install directory. Anyway we are really happy with the result and we hope everyone appreciates the effort that was taken to bring you guys and girls this release.

Now onto screenshots:

[Image: ZG-CL.png]

[Image: ZG-CW.png]


In other news, updates to several skins have been released. These updates are for future-proofing the skin in the event of a Messenger Plus! update. These updates aren't crucial, but it is recommend people update to these newer versions eventually.

Well that's all for now, stay tuned for more news on future releases.



(43 replies) | Posted by willz on the 8th June 2009 at 12:31 PM